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HANA Input Parameters with texts


On one hand HANA Variables are easy to use and, mostly, perform well on well-modeled HANA views. There are always exceptions with big tables where join happens at a very granular level, then it is smarter to use Input Parameters, mapped through nested layers of HANA views instead of just a Variable in the topmost one. Performance-wise you can achieve a saving of 20-50% (personal observations), but then it comes a little tricky with introducing both keys and texts in Value Help.

An example:
  • You have a basic view joining the tables BSEG & BKPF
  • This basic view is used in Reporting view
HANA Input Parameters with texts
Basic view
HANA Input Parameters with texts
Reporting view, using the Basic view

Given the amount of data and knowing business requirement to make this selection, it is a smart idea to create an Input Parameter on Company Code on both of the views, add a filter on the basic view (as seen on the screenshot above) and map it in the upper reporting view for execution (as seen on the screenshots below).

HANA Input Parameters with texts

It is also nice if you provide Value Help by changing the Parameter Type to Column

HANA Input Parameters with texts

Works good, but – no texts here. Even if you map Company Code Text as a label in the view, it will not get populated

Quick solution with Input Parameters

Open an Input Parameter settings, change it to Column and scroll down to define, which view should be used for Value Help. In my example I will use a SAP-delivered HANA Live view CompanyCode

HANA Input Parameters with texts

Limitations you will notice:
  • It uses just the MasterData tables, wherein you might have unwanted / unused entries
  • There is no option to “switch” it to work based on Transaction Data view (I am missing BEx sometimes too J )

1. Create a dedicated view that you will use for Value Help for Company Codes. It can be even based on Transaction Data, but mind the performance.
2. Set the filters (as many as you can). I was lucky to be able to use Chart of Accounts for filtering the relevant Company Codes from table T001

HANA Input Parameters with texts

3. Map your texts as Label column in the Semantics (otherwise texts will not show up in F4 Value Help!!!)

HANA Input Parameters with texts

4. Use your custom Value Help view in the Input Parameter as a custom Column

HANA Input Parameters with texts

The End result looks like this:

HANA Input Parameters with texts

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